Guide to Using PodInbox

Learn how to use PodInbox to engage your audience, monetize your superfans, and grow your podcast!

6 Steps to Using PodInbox

With PodInbox, you’re on your way to engaging your superfans, monetizing your audience, and growing your podcast! In this article, we’ll bring you through our simple 6-step checklist for running fan engagement using PodInbox. Let’s get started!


Customize Your Fan Page

Your PodInbox fan page is where your podcast fans will engage with you…so lets customize it for your show! This is super easy and only takes about 10 minutes to setup. 

Just go to the Fan Page section of your dashboard and customize each of the tabs: details, inboxes, and links. In short time, you’ll have a show page ready to accept audio messages!

PodInbox Podcast Fan Page

Activate Monetization

Activate our monetization feature to give your fans a way to show their support!

When fans give you monetary support…you’re activating their participation as superfans. When you activate and recognize your superfans, they’ll help recommend and spread your show. Our superfans leaderboard helps make your fans get excited about being a superfan!

Podcast Fan Donations

Tell 10 Friends

Before announcing your page to the world, get a handful of your friends to leave some of your first audio messages and donations! By seeding some initial activity, you are providing some “social proof”. Anywhere from 5 to 10 posts is enough to show your other fans what to do when they arrive! 

When your fans get to your PodInbox page and see the social proof of some initial activity…they’ll engage with you there as well!

podinbox social proof

Add Your Links Everywhere

Make it super easy for your fans to find your PodInbox fan page. Remember, most of your fans will hear you mention your page…but will try to find it on your links sometime after.

Definitely include your PodInbox fan page link in your show notes, as that’s the first place listeners will reference. But ALSO add your PodInbox link in your podcast website, bio links, social media, etc.

share your podinbox links

Remind Fans Every Episode

Successful podcasters who lean into fan engagement are SUPER consistent. They don’t just ask fans to engage in 1 episode…they keep reminding fans to do it in EVERY episode. 

We normally see fans start leaving messages and donations after the 4th episode! And then even more engagement rolls in after you start featuring fan clips & doing fan shoutouts on actual episodes. 

Tell Fans in your Episodes About Your PodInbox

Reply, Reward, Reinforce

Once your fans start engaging, you need to do the three “RRR’s” of growth. First, REPLY to their audio messages with your own audio message or text! 

Then, REWARD fans by downloading their audio clips and including them on your show. Maybe you have a Q&A episode or a fan story episode. 

Once fans see that this fan engagement is happening on your show, you start to REINFORCE this behavior and MORE fans will start joining in on the fun!

Reply and Download PodInbox Messages

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