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Learn how to use PodInbox to engage your superfans and grow your podcast!

10 Steps to Using PodInbox're on your path to engaging your superfans and growing your podcast! In this article, we're going to bring you through our simple 10-step checklist for running audience engagement using PodInbox. Let's get started!

Activate Your Superfans

Superfans aren't just listeners who passively subscribe, download, and tune into your podcast...those are your normal fans. Your superfans are the ones who follow you on social, write positive reviews, tells their friends about your podcast...and leaves you audio messages.

They key to converting normal fans into superfans is to get them to take an action. By inspiring fans into action, you're converting them from a passive listener into an engaged participant. Don't be discouraged, as not all your fans will become superfans. But it'll be your superfans who will eventually be the biggest supporters of your it's very important to identify them by activating them.

The whole mission of PodInbox is to help get your fans to actively engage with you. Once they engage, we help you capture and identify your superfans. So, if you haven't haven't already done so, sign up now for a PodInbox creator account as your first step.

Create a Specific Action

Don't just ask your fans to "leave a message"'s much too vague. Be more specific. People are generally very bad with vague requests. The reality is, people prefer being told exactly what to do. So, you'll want to be specific when you ask them to leave an audio message.

Audio messages will be different for every podcast. Some podcasts will want fans to leave questions for their Q&A episodes. Other podcasts might want fans to share their personal stories. Still other podcasts might have a different call-to-action every week. The action you decide really depends on the nature of your podcast.

Fortunately, PodInbox makes it really easy for you to customize your audio recording prompt. Once again, don't just ask fans to "leave a message". Customize your prompt to tell them exactly what type of message to leave. For bonus points, post a welcome video on your PodInbox page to greet your listeners, and personally ask for your specific request.

Provide Examples

Encourage your fans to leave audio messages by showing them some great examples. Before announcing your PodInbox page to your entire audience, ask some friends and trusted fans to record messages that would serve as a good model for how you want your other fans to behave. If you prefer short questions, ask your friends to record some short questions. If you want detailed stories, invite your friends to create some of those.

The important thing here is you don't want to link fans to an empty page. People tend to follow the actions of their peers, so if they come to a vibrant page full of fan messages, they'll be inclined to listen to other fan messages and be inspired to leave their own.

Pin The Best Examples

Once you seeded some good sample messages from friends and known fans, we recommend you pin 1 or 2 of those messages to the top of your public messages list. When new fans visit your page, they'll be able to quickly see those pinned examples, and be encouraged to leave their own message.

Pinning a message is super easy. Just go to that message in your dashboard inbox, and toggle the "pin" setting to "on". Voila, that message is now pinned to the top of your list of public audio messages.

Link To Your PodInbox Page

Before announcing your PodInbox page to the world, there's just 1 more step: help your fans easily find your new PodInbox page. Even though you'll verbally share your URL on every episode, you'll still have fans looking for that link on one of your other channels. We recommend making it super easy for your fans to find your new PodInbox link, by including it on: your website, bio links, social media profiles, newsletters, podcast description, episode show notes, and email signatures.

Announce To Your Audience

Finally, you're ready to tell your audience to leave their audio messages! Typically, most podcasters do this towards the end of the show, where they remind their audience how they can get in touch. The end is usually a good time for any house-keeping items and self-promos. A quick blurb, like "please leave an audio message on my PodInbox page, at you can find that link in my show notes. I usually listen and reply to most messages!". Something like that would really encourage your superfans to actively engage.

Reward With Replies

When your fans engage, remember to reward their behavior. This is one of the most critical parts of converting normal fans into superfans. If you don't acknowledge their interaction, they'll quickly become discouraged and revert back to being a passive listener.

Simply by replying to that fan, you're rewarding their interaction. Getting a response directly from you encourages their participation, and makes them excited to remain an active and engaged member of your community. In PodInbox, we make it super easy to reply. You can either type your reply, or even better, leave them an audio reply! Getting a personalized message directly from you is a surefire way to make a superfan for life!

Incorporate Your Superfans

Replying to fans is just the basics. We call that a low-level reward. A high-level rewards is incorporating your fans onto your show. With PodInbox, we highly encourage podcasters to download their fan's audio clips and share them directly on their show. When fans hear their own voice on an episode, this is when they go from being a passive an active your podcast evangelist and ambassador. By giving superfans a spot on your show, they will proudly share that episode to their friends and their social circles.

And this is how word-of-mouth happens...which is still the most effective way podcasts grow today.

Make Sharing Easy

Now that you've rewarded your superfan and got them super excited, you'll want to make it easy for them to share their excitement socially. Chances are, they have a circle of friends who would also enjoy your show, and you'll want to leverage this excitement to reach their sphere of influence. So, make it easy for them to socially share that episode.

The best way to do this is create an audiogram of their audio clip. Use a tool like Headliner or Descript to create the audiogram video, post it on your social media accounts, tag that fan, and give them a shoutout. Using this simple technique, you're accomplishing several things. 1) You've made it a 1-click action for that fan to retweet or repost. 2) You're promoting your new episode, which you should do anyway. 3) And perhaps most importantly, you're reinforcing to your other superfans, that you reward active participation from fans!

This last benefit brings us to our final checklist item.

Be Consistent

Once you've encouraged your fans to engage, rewarded their active participation, promoted them on your show, and shined your spotlight on them on your social NEED to do it again, and again, and again!

Fans need to see you're consistent. They're wondering, "is this just a 1-time experiment?". You need to reinforce that you're consistently committed to your superfans, if they are committed to supporting you. Even if you sound like a broken record, in every episode, remind them to leave their audio messages and keep incorporating fan messages into your episodes. By doing this consistently, you'll quickly build a swarm of loyal superfans, and your show will experience viral growth from word-of-mouth referrals.

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