Product Features

Overview of Our Core Features

Web Audio Recorder

Your fans can leave you audio messages on your PodInbox page from any web browser on any device.

Message Downloads

You can download your audio messages to incorporate on your show and delight your fans!

Contact List

Know your superfans! When fans engage with you on PodInbox, we put their contact info in your contact list.

Team Members

Invite unlimited team members and co-hosts to help manage your PodInbox account. They're FREE to add!

Collect Likes

Lean into the wisdom of the crowds. Your fans can like messages on your PodInbox page to tell you what's hot and what's not.

Custom Show Page

You can fully customize your PodInbox page with your own podcast cover art, title, inbox prompt, and vanity URL.

Welcome Video

Greet your fans on your PodInbox page with a warm welcome video, and encourage them to leave you an audio message!

Email Notifications

Never miss a new audio message from a fan. When fans leave an audio message, we email you a direct link to that message.

Public Messages

PodInbox makes it fun for fans to listen to other fan's messages. This inspires new fans to leave their own messages!

Private Messages

Want to hide a message from the public feed? No problem, just toggle any message to set as private, and it'll be for your ears only.

Message Replies

Creators can reply to fan messages with either text or audio. We highly recommend audio replies to really reward your superfans.

Pinned Messages

Creators can pin their favorite messages to the top of the list, so other fans can hear the type of messages you appreciate.

More Features Coming Soon!

We are constantly working to make PodInbox the #1 audience engagement platform for Podcasters.
To get an idea of what we’re working on next, follow our roadmap.

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