Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Yes! We make it super easy to download your audio messages from your inbox in your admin dashboard. We give this to you in MP3 format, 128k bitrate, 44,100 Hz.

We encourage you to incorporate your fans on your show by including their audio clips.  

Yes! In your inbox, we give you the option to reply via text or audio. To reward your fans and increase listener loyalty...we definitely recommend leaving them an audio reply!

Yes! We send you email notifications when there are new messages in your inbox. Just click the link in your email to go directly to that message. 

Yes! Currently we require fans to sign up/login to leave audio messages. Sign up only takes couple seconds and it's completely FREE for fans.

We do this for 2 reasons. 

  1. To help prevent potential spam
  2. So you can know who your fans are


We're glad you asked!  We are constantly adding  more features to make PodInbox a  powerful,  easy-to-use audience engagement tool for Podcasters...and we appreciate your feedback to help make that happen!


Check out our roadmap to see if the feature you're thinking of is in the works:

If your feature isn't on our roadmap, feel free to make a feature request here:



If you have more than 1 show, you will currently need to create separate accounts for each show. 


In the future, we will be releasing a higher tier subscription that will support  podcasters with multiple podcast shows. Stay tuned!

Short answer is, not yet! We're working on the embed functionality! You can follow it here on: Our Roadmap


Long answer is, PodInbox is much more than an audio recording tool. We see it as a feature-rich platform that will have much more to offer than can be "embeddable".


We really do recommend sending fans to your PodInbox Page to engage...like you would with your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook Page. There, your fans would get the full experience and will be able to engage in a much more valuable and interactive way...especially when we release our content creator monetization features! 🙂 

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